Wilson NBA DRV Plus Basketball



THE DRV PLUS BASKETBALL: Find your drive within and push yourself further in the game with the Wilson NBA DRV Plus Basketball. Designed for outdoor courts, the Performance Cover provides grip even on the roughest surfaces. Inflation Retention Lining creates longer lasting air retention with this ball designed for ultimate outdoor durability. Available with bold granite and web-inspired designs.

  • PERFORMANCE COVER: Outdoor cover designed for grip on rough surfaces
  • AIR RETENTION: Inflation retention lining creates longer lasting air retention
  • OUTDOOR DURABILITY: Designed for ultimate outdoor durability
  • NBA PRO SEAMS: New channel construction suited to player preference
  • SIZES: 7 (boys age 12 and up), 6 (girls age 9 and up, and boys age 9-11), 5 (boys and girls age 8 and under)

Ball Size available