Sorbothane Sports Heel Pads



Our unique world leading technology is now even more advanced to give maximum performance with every impact. Medical professionals recommend Sorbothane© Sorbothane insoles can help limit the trauma caused to a body during exercise, such as back problems, joint pain, tendonitis, fatigue fractures and knee pain. They help prevent the re-occurrence of old injuries and offer unrivalled comfort. Sorbothane© Technology Shockwaves are created every time your feet strike the ground, causing damage to joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons. Sorbothanes© unique visco-elastic material mimics the characteristics of human flesh, and at the moment of impact changes shape to disperse shockwaves sideways. Heel Pad Features: Convenient and lightweight Suitable for all sports footwear Helps to relieve calf strain and achilles tendon injuries Eases fatigue as well as discomfort after long periods of standing or walking Available for shoe sizes UK 3-13 and EURO 35-49