Nerf Slingshot Challenge



  • FIRE AWAY: The NERF Slingshot Challenge game set is the perfect toy for family fun! Simply set up the pins and use NERF foam ball slingshot to knock them down!
  • KID SAFE: This innovative slingshot design ensures that only the included soft foam NERF balls can be launched so kids can play safely
  • INDOOR + OUTDOOR GAME: The soft foam NERF balls ensure that this game can be played safely both indoors and outdoors without any breaks or damage
  • TEST YOUR ACCURACY: This game set comes with game instructions and a score sheet included so you can play against friends and family to see who has the best aim
  • INCLUDES: The NERF Slingshot Challenge game set comes with (1) slingshot, (3) NERF Foam balls, and (6) target pins so you have everything you need to play!