Nerf Proshot Mini Foam Basketball



Bring your basketball game indoors with these NERF Foam Basketballs! These 5″ inch NERF mini foam basketballs are perfect for use on mini and over the door basketball hoops. The durable, foam construction makes these mini foam basketballs perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Use them in the bedroom, the office, or anywhere else you have your over the door hoop set up.

  • MINI BASKETBALLS: These mini basketballs are 5″ inches in diameter, which makes them perfect to use for almost any over the door basketball hoop set!
  • FOAM CONSTRUCTION: These mini hoop balls are made with NERF foam so they are safe to use in the bedroom, office, or wherever else your mini hoop is set up
  • DURABLE: Made with premium foam materials so you can take these mini basketballs out for games outdoors as well
    Size 5