Kookaburra’s most eye-catching contemporary designs project for this season giving you a footwear fashion statement whenever – and wherever – they’re worn.

The transparent coated mesh upper has been designed to be water resistant, this ensures that you can play in any conditions. Additionally, this adds durability to the shoe as you can play in any conditions knowing your feet are protected from the elements. A stitched toe section further adds to the durability of this shoe as it keeps the forefoot well protected. The Mesh on the upper ensures that these hockey shoes are breathable, keeping the feet well ventilated. These hockey shoes have been designed with moisture wicking properties which make sure that your feet remain irritation free whilst keeping them cool and dry. Advanced EVA midsole has been designed for superior shock absorption, taking the pressure off the feet and ankles ensuring that they are well protected. Inside the shoe a lightweight insole has further support at the heel and forefoot supporting the feet to reduce shock waves keeping the ankles and feet well protected. A perforated insole adds comfort so you don’t need to worry about your feet not being comfortable during a match, whilst also ensuring sweat can escape as much as possible. The outsole has been designed specifically for playing on AstroTurf surfaces providing you with superb traction. The lugs on the outsole work with your feet to give you maximum grip meaning that you’ll always be stable. The lugs have been specifically placed to support your feet as much as possible, giving you all the help you’ll need on the pitch.